About Us

The financial world is changing, it is turning digital and we are opening that digital door for anyone to walk through.

Bitcoin is a massive opportunity for global equality, financial freedom and individual liberty, yet it is an opportunity out of reach for a lot of Kiwis as it is still difficult to buy. At MyBitcoinSaver, we provide a simple way to buy and save Bitcoin on a weekly basis.

We are a team of three passionate Bitcoin enthusiasts hailing from Auckland, New Zealand. We started MyBitcoinSaver to give every Kiwi the opportunity to be part of this revolutionary financial technology.

Who are we?

  • CEO Sam Blackmore
  • COO Matt Gibson
  • CTO Jordan Clist

What do we do?

When you deposit your money to us with your reference number on a Monday, we wait for the bank to clear it and then send it to Europe's biggest Bitcoin exchange where we buy Bitcoin that Friday. From there our crypto-distribution engine fires out Bitcoin to all our awesome users.

Why should you use MyBitcoinSaver?

  1. By saving Bitcoin weekly you are using a technique called Dollar Cost Averaging. DCA is seen by many of the top financial experts as the most effective way to accumulate a financial asset.
  2. You save on transaction, currency conversion and exchange fees because we bulk-buy Bitcoin for you.
  3. It is so easy! Just set your automatic payment and forget about it.

Have more questions?

To find out more about MyBitcoinSaver, please read our FAQs.