Start saving Bitcoin with a small automatic weekly payment you control

Zero lock in set forget and watch it grow.

Kiwis start saving today

My BitcoinSaver is currently only available in New Zealand. We will be launching in the UK and other countries soon.
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It’s like subscribing to Bitcoin.
Register your details, set up an automatic payment and we’ll deliver your Bitcoin straight to your nominated wallet.

Register your details to get started

Enter your Bitcoin address, mobile number and email

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By registering you are not obligated to buy. No Bitcoin will be purchased until you set up your automatic payment.

Our Process: Simply setup an Automatic Payment

Using the Unique Account Reference sent to your email upon registration

Change the payment amount every week if you like, just keep it between $10 and $200

Step 1 Monday, your automatic payment arrives.
Step 2 Tuesday/Wednesday, your money clears with our bank.
Step 3 Thursday, your money is sent to the exchange.
Step 4 Friday, your bitcoin is bought and sent to you.