We have increased our weekly limit to $500!

Save Bitcoin with small weekly
bank payments you control

An effortless way to buy Bitcoin in New Zealand,
no lockin, set and forget and watch it grow

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It’s a Bitcoin subscription.

Register your details, set up an automatic payment (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) of between $20 and $2000 and we’ll buy Bitcoin and deliver it straight to your nominated wallet.


distributed to Kiwis by MBS


Current users
saving with MBS


Total savings gains
for MBS users*

$2,771,544 to $7,216,995

Think big,
Start small

You don't need a lot of money to start. Pick an amount you're comfortable with. Then just set, forget and watch your Bitcoin savings grow over time using an effective dollar cost average strategy.

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Historical Savings Calculator*

*Based on historical transactions, we do not guarantee this gain in the future

 If you like to accumulate some bitcoin, there is no easier way than MyBitcoinSaver. Simply setup an automatic payment, and see the bitcoin coming in each week, without having to do anything. I have been using it for 2 years, and has worked flawlessly for me. 
— Berend de Boer, long-term MBS user
 Legend guys, so glad I found you. Gonna make the process much quicker and cheaper. Thanks 
— Josh Cowan, long-term MBS user
 I've been using the service for a couple of years now. It's brilliant 
— Sam Frost, long-term MBS user

The easiest way to save bitcoin

Step 1

Step 1

Setup a Bitcoin Wallet if you haven't got one already.

If you're new we recommend a Blockchain Wallet.

Step 2

Step 2

Sign up below with your Bitcoin address, mobile number and email.

Step 3

Step 3

Set up an Automatic payment of between $20 and $2000 from your bank account with the details that we send you.

Step 4

Step 4

Watch your savings grow. We buy Bitcoin for you. Remember you can change your frequency or amount at any time. You're in control.

How we turn your automatic payment into Bitcoin every week

Remember you can change or cancel your payment at any time. Just update your automatic payment with your bank.

Step 1 Monday, your automatic payment arrives.
Step 2 Tuesday/Wednesday, your money clears with our bank.
Step 3 Thursday, your money is sent to the exchange.
Step 4 Friday, your bitcoin is bought and sent to you.